Collections Management Company for Landlords

This web based platform is a simple and easy to use system with no software to buy. Our Nationwide Collection Partners include a network of Attorneys that cover all 3,124 counties that make up the United States. Once you notify APG that an eviction has been filed, you will be assigned a username and password which will allow the Landlord access to our system 24/7. You will also be assigned an individual Account Manager that will assist you in monitoring your collections case.

An effective collection system will apply consistent pressure to the debtor from several sources. It is important to make the debtor aware of the consequences they will experience by not complying with their obligations up front. It is equally important that this process be done in a legal and ethical way. The following system is only an example of an effective collection process. Every component of this example system may not be considered legal in each Landlords location. Laws can vary from County to County. It is the Landlords responsibility to conform to all local, state and federal laws. The following communications and notifications with APG are required to remain consistent with the following example.

Example: Rent is due on the 1st of the month.

Step 1 – Knock on every Non paying Tenants door on the 2nd day of the month. Remind the Tenant that their rent is due on the 1st. Get a commitment from the Tenant that they will be paying before the 5th.
Step 2 – On the 3rd of the month post a late notice (see example form) on the Tenants door warning them of the consequences of not fulfilling their obligations.
Step 3 – On the 5th of the month post the Late Notice With Fees Form (see example from) on every Tenants door. Knock on every door and demand a commitment that they will be paying their rent before the 15th. If they cannot give you a commitment tell them that they should look for another place to live and prepare to move out.
Step 4 – Notify APG via the Breach/Default Report (Link to form, also on website under Landlord Communications) on the website of every Tenant that has not paid their rent on the 6th of the month or the 1st business day thereafter. Notification to APG should take place immediately after the initial grace period for rental payment has expired. Usually the Tenant is given 5 days from the 1st of the month to pay the rent with no late fees.
Step 5 – Call the debtor on a daily basis provided that they can be reached. If they cannot be reached by telephone knock on their door daily until you are able to get a commitment for payment that is satisfactory. Sometimes it is good to get a “commitment for a commitment”. This means if they cannot tell you when they will pay their debt, find out when they will know when they will pay their debt. Daily communication with the Tenant is an effective tool in getting the Tenant to live up to their obligations.
Step 6 – On the 15th post a notice to vacate (see example form) on the Tenants door. This notice should warn them that your eviction process has begun and should notify them that they will lose possession of the rental unit. Explain to them that it would be much better for everyone if they would just move out. Make sure that they understand the consequences of having their credit damaged (claims reported to credit bureaus remain on the individuals credit file for up to 7 years) and of being placed on a national eviction database.
Step 7 – Continue intensive daily communication with the Tenant when applicable.
Step 8 – On the 29th of the month post the Final Notice to Vacate (see example form) on their door. Warn them of the impending removal of themselves and their possessions from the rental unit.
Step 9 – On the last day of the month contact the Tenant and warn them that they can lose possession at any time.
Step 10 – File for eviction as soon as possible after the completion of the month.
Step 11 – Notify APG through the Breach/Default Report that the eviction has been filed. Follow your normal eviction process at the direction of your eviction Attorney and keep APG up to date via the Breach/Default Report of every development throughout the eviction case. At this point the APG Collection Management system will begin. Our licensed and insured collection partners will begin the aggressive collection campaign immediately.
Step 12 – You will be given access via email with a Login username and password to our online claim system (Collections Management). You will be able to view and monitor each case and all activity for the case 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will be assigned an Individual Account Manager to assist you in monitoring your case.

Required Notification of APG via the Breach/Default Report (also under Collections Management) on website:

  1. 6th of the month or 1st business day thereafter of every late or non payer
  2. Every development throughout the month that is noteworthy
  3. Immediately after you have filed the eviction

Follow the above example regarding notification and communications with APG. You are not required to follow the other examples with your company’s collection system.

Helpful Landlord Forms

  1. Late Notice – Used to notify Tenant of late rent payment
  2. Late Notice with fees – Used to notify Tenant of the fees they owe for late rent payment.
  3. 24 Hour Warning – Used to warn Tenant of impending eviction.
  4. Notice to Vacate – Used to warn Tenant of impending eviction execution.
  5. Final Notice to Vacate – Used to warn Tenant of scheduled eviction execution.