How the Landlord Protection System Works

  1. Landlord Application - The Landlord or authorized agent completes a Landlord Application free of charge. This will allow the Landlord to have access to our services. This will also enable us to properly monitor any properties and tenants owned or managed by the Landlord.
  2. Property Application - The Landlord/Property Manager completes the Property Application for each property and submits the one time application fee ($49) by credit/debit card, checking/savings account with one time payment. Properties or complexes with multiple units only require one application per property.
  3. Tenant Application – (One application per Lease Holder on the lease for entire residency, multiple Lease holders can collectively have one Service and Protection Plan.) The Landlord completes a prospective Tenant Application and submits the application fee ($24.95) by credit/debit card, checking/savings account with one time payment or monthly auto payment. Assurance Protection Group will process the prospective tenant’s application through our comprehensive system within 24 business hours (usually 4 business hours). You will then receive our report including our Service and Protection Plan Guarantee Options with monthly fee & payment options.
  4. Guarantee & Monthly Payment - The Landlord will choose which Protection Plan Service & Guarantee they would like for that tenant and submit the first monthly service payment by credit/debit card, checking/savings account with one time or monthly auto payment. Once we receive this first monthly service payment the new Tenant is guaranteed in our system, the Service and Protection Plan is activated and our service begins. The first payment is for the initial 30 days of the guarantee.

    Example – 1st month guarantee payment received by Assurance Protection Group on any day of the month. The Landlord will pay the monthly service payment every month. When payments are due you will receive email notification via email from PayPal. You will also receive a receipt via email for all payments made from PayPal. Preferred billing system is also available with APG approval (see preferred billing option upon payment). Full payments are due on the due date every month thereafter. The monthly service payment must be received no later than 12:00 midnight on the 5th day past the due date each month or the guaranteewill expire. This payment should continue until the lease expires. Payments should be made from the PayPal link on the notification email or on our website on the make payment link. If the Tenant has defaulted or breached the lease agreement and the Landlord is taking legal action, payments should continue to be made to keep the Service & Protection Plan Guarantees in effect & valid. Payments should continue until final judgment has been made by the court and the required documentation has been sent to APG showing the courts disposition.

  5. Our services will begin with the first service fee payment from the Landlord.
  6. In the event of a breach of the lease agreement by the tenant, the Landlord should immediately (within 72 hours) Report a Breach/Default Update Report to us and we will begin the collection process. The Landlord will begin the eviction or lease default process with their own Attorneys. The Report a Breach/Default Report is the method by which the Landlord should update APG on the progress of the case. Hard copies of any documentation will be sent to APG once a final monetary judgment has been made by the court.
  7. With each new development throughout the legal process the Landlord should submit a new report to us via the Report a Breach/Default report.
  8. Once a final monetary judgment has been made by the court, the Landlord must submit a report notifying APG on our Report a Breach/Default report within 30 days. Any pertinent copies of documentation should also immediately be sent to us by U.S. mail.
  9. Once we receive this information we will begin our collection process and forward the monetary judgment amount (up to the Service & Protection Plan guaranty amount) within 30 days.
  10. Our collections experts will pursue collections on the judgment for as long as necessary. Once we collect any amount, the balance left after deducting the previously paid service and protection plan guarantee amount, collection costs and fees will immediately be forwarded to the Landlord via U.S. mail.